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A story of an ancient evil, almost extinct in living memory returns like a plague on the land. The only desire it has is to take from you what makes you a person, the essence of your being.

The very people who once stood before them, when others couldn’t are outcasts and persecuted by those who they once served. The priesthood torment their loved ones and their former masters seek their death. All the while the ancient foe grows stronger than before, perverted by what it feeds upon, us.

Will the Hunter’s be allowed to stand once more before the feeding is complete?

Short Stories

The Last Inn

Business hasn’t been great, in fact, it’s been positively dead. However, if you have ever been to a wake you’d understand why the best nights are found here. Of course no one really, truly knows where here is, and we wont metion that there arent many other places on this road, well ones that you’d visit more than once, given the choice.

Alas it finally looks like the end of the road has arrived at The Last Inn.No one can be surprised it was written at the beginning that this day would come.

Its just a pity repeat business isnt an option….

Children’s books

Jojo Bananas

A fun book for parents to read along with their children with.

Filled with angry cooks, a bouncing kangaroo more bananas and of course a princess! (All the best stories have them don’t you know…?)

Sure to have both parents and kids giggling alike.

Currently being illustrated, publication pending.

About Me

Hello, I’m Gary. I spend my time in the South West of England getting lost in the woods with my family and collection of dogs.

Now and again I write a few words down.

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