I’m sorry Mamma, for not cleaning out my closet sooner!?

Recently, we’ll I say recently a year and a bit a go or so I changed phones and in doing so ecosystems.

And I am enjoying my iPhone so much I have made the ultimate commitment, I started to move my files over to apples cloud storage system. Thrilling I know but bare with me here, I have a point in this muddled mess somewhere I swear.

In the depths of my Google storage I found some of my old scribblings, things dark and dingy and far from conscious memory. (A couple of bits I have shared here and here,)

If you have ever found an old school exercise book, the sort with ‘woz ere’ and ‘4eva’ adorning the covers, you won’t be surprised that I was filled with the cringeworthy feeling that can only be expressed with a slow nasal exhale.

And sure enough I had that in bucket fulls, but before I reached for the whiskey glass I found another surprise. Perhaps something more chilling than the former. Something I liked.

Which as many will contest who have ever put pen to paper is a beast that can be elusive, frustratingly so.

What was even more frustrating and perhaps surprising too was that what I liked wasn’t the serious stuff I pawed over and procrastinated my self in a corner far from completion with. But instead it was the things which I least expected, a few poems and a few more children’s stories I created for my daughter before she decided she was to big for all that.

In fact I liked this small collection of pieces that once I had brushed the dust off and filed in there knew homes in the Apple multiverse I have checked on them a few times to make sure they are still there.

I can’t tell you why I like them, perhaps it’s the old gateway to the past analogy or maybe it’s because enough time has passed that they are becoming new enough for me to attached fresh emotion too? Personally I think it is all much simpler than that, especially in the children’s stories. They are fun. After all isn’t that what reading is suppose to be all about?

If you find yourself thinking back to a long dormant repository of your own ho rummage you might find something which you wasn’t expecting…

Feature Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-dirty-door-door-knob-259832/

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