I have seen you

I have seen you

I have seen you struggle

I have seen you bleed

I have seen you cry

I have seen the wieght bend you

I have seen your cards come short too many times

I have seen the rain fall on you

I remember it was a blue sky day

And I have seen you smile

And I have heard your laughter

And I have felt your comfort whilst it was you in need

It seemed to me there was nought you couldn’t vanquish with a kettle that never cools and a listening ear

When the day comes, and come it seems it must.

Don’t fret on the marks of honour we shall wear upon our cheeks.

For it is for you we shall wear them, and with pride

I promise not one shall be moved but left till its dried.

Hold your chin up high my darling, and know you stand as a King among men

Straighter than all.

I’ll be seeing you again babs

Gary King

A hapless dreamer

Another one from years gone by. I know today is all about the birds and the bees and love in the air, so I chose to post a poem of love if not a love poem.

If you’ve made it this far thank you for reading, and I hope you have found something here?

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