I was prettier yesterday

I wish you met me yesterday cos see,

Yesterday I was a little less eroded,

Yesterday I was a little less rained upon,

Yesterday had a little more hope in it,

With each today the scar lines run a little deeper ’cause,

With each morn my sun doesn’t warm as before,

With each day the clouds cools it rays so unlike the day before,

With each night the sun of I grows more star like in distance,

I hope tomorrow is late ’cause I don’t trust the forecast,

But if it do come upon time,

I hope tomorrow’s clouds break enough for the rays to grow something a new,

I hope tomorrow’s rain is gentler before the rock of I is unrecognisable to you,

I hope tomorrow’s gravity brings it closer to the start,

I hope, most of all perhaps, tomorrow’s you remembers that there once was a yesterday’s I,

With an easy laugh,

With foolish optimism,

With easy love in this heart,

With a mind unsullied by experience,

It maybe I still stand proud but I sure was prettier yesterday, remember I.

G King

A Hapless dreamer

By no means do I claim or seek to be a poet, but searching through old files looking for a decent line I could of swore I once wrote, there must be one surely? I happened upon something from a few years ago which was dated the 5th August 2021. I can barely remember writing it, but as time goes by and I get older it’s relevance seems to hold true.

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