Just getting it done like Rocky

Sometimes the ego in me is a bastard. Putting something down and leaving it there less than perfect is like a cut in the roof of your mouth. It’s impossible to leave it alone.

So instead of finishing my meal I end up tonguing the cut and getting nowhere and instead sit there frustrated and sitting in a pool of self pity, not enjoying the process for what it is supposed to be. Whimsical self expression and, for me at least, fun.

Everywhere you look for advice repeats the same mantra for the first draft, ‘just get it down, you make it better after’. But that is so bloody hard when you have an ego on your back. I recently stumbled on this video of Sylvester Stallone talking of screen writing which perhaps puts it in a perfectly earnest context.

Hey if I watch Mr Sylvester Stallone enough times it might actually sink in. Or I might grow bored enough with procrastination, give up and pick the pen back up and crack on.

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