What does writing horrible stuff’s say about the writer?

After a long and much over due family holiday thanks again Mr Covid! I find myself back at the keyboard, my happy place. Where I spin a yarn and find out what happens to my characters next. Which is currently the ongoing’s in the pages of a work I have named Catcher.

However todays toil was on a chapter circling my favourite or perhaps most hateful of antagonists. What I consider to be the most vile of wretches.

As his story unfolds beneath my fingers my dread builds as much as I hope my readers, a wishful thought in itself at this stage admittedly, might one day too.

However after each chapter is complete on this particular character, I find myself both somewhat drained emotionally as well as relieved that it’s finally done, for now at least anyway. Maybe it’s my fears, what I consider worst in this world. Maybe I just want to get people to feel hatred, for this character as I do. And thus vainly to have feeling of some description for something that I have created.

Once I’m done I gladly focus on the protagonist and his considerably more ethical behaviour. Getting lost in his view of the world, but especially the way fate has developed a certain sense of humour where he is concerned.

Unfortunately these chapters come to an end once again and the story’s reigns once more must be gripped a little more tightly as I pull some more finger nails if only to see the bloody end which maybe should of stayed where it was.

For now I’ll simply take solace, relief and comfort that this particular work, Catcher, is now firmly past the halfway point of its first draft.



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