Desert Prince: Peter V. Brett

My current read.

Books in a series that are set after the ‘main story’ seldom work for me. But and it is a big but…. When the previous chain of events is still within the living memory of the characters in a series, it can work brilliantly if done well. A tricky task and as far as Desert Prince goes, this bugger got me good.

I’m not going to lie, I had an awkward start with this one. Then all of a sudden I fell into the story without realizing and found that I was stealing pages when I should have been doing many other things, childcare, writing, life, etc… and just not giving a damn about the consequences.

I won’t go into the story, for fear of ruining it for those that have not yet read it. No more than to say the storytelling from the first quarter is what has bought me back time and again to peter V. Bretts works.

And if you haven’t yet read Desert Prince, I recommend wholeheartedly that you do. I for one would consider it a wise investment of your time. With one small caveat: Start at the beginning. The Nightfall saga has shown what a talented man Mr Brett is, but as with nearly all fantasy books. The world-building starts with page one. And that exists within the covers of The Painted Man, of the Demon Cycle series. (Please, tell me if I am wrong.)

A firm favorite of mine, and one which I’ve often wondered what tattoos have been carried out from its inspiration.

I’m going to continue being distracted now.



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