Why? For write or wrong.

My weapon of choice.

So why blog? Why am I doing this? Well after a few turbulent years in my personal life, mainly revolving around bereavements. I have become increasingly less willing to suck up the nine to five grind and just get on with it.

Spending forty or so years dedicating your time to do little of personal interest to yourself in exchange for a few coins has lost its appeal to me, rapidly in fact. Doing anything which I deemed of having little value or something which is compulsory despite your wishes has become even less appealing. This is compounded even more so when combined with time constraints present a hindrance to things that make life a little more vibrant. So in my humble opinion a concerted effort to take time for the pleasures of life, surely is worth pursuing.

After all, I don’t think I’m alone when I say there is never enough time to have all the fun that you want to have, am I?

For me, that is writing. It brings me a sense of peace that little else can do. Lets me escape into my own mind and far away for a few hours. It’s like reading but on steroids.

Although I enjoy writing of all kinds, I have previously run a family-based blog that is now assigned to the giant trash can in the electronic sky, and both provided content writing and guest posts on a range of websites and blogs. Fiction is the one that leaves my fingertips itching for the next keystroke, the one which captures my thoughts and leads my attention down before unknown paths.

I needed a home for my words, a base for my current and future projects (the old ones can remain on a hard drive in my bureau for now) I decided that this place may be as good as any.

Although I like reading pretty much anything, and I mean anything. Science fiction and fantasy are where my heart lies. My fiction is primarily fantasy. Heroic fantasy usually with comedic and very dark components in unequal measure.

Note: Yes there is a difference between sci-fi and fantasy. And if you disagree, you are simply wrong. It seems to me that sci-fi has become somewhat of a catch-all with far too many sub-genres to delve into here and award each and everyone there fully earned credits.

So if you find yourself here wondering what it is all about there you go, that is it. But before you click off, have a look around. It’s sparsely populated as I write this however if you find something and have half as much fun reading it as I did writing it you are in for a treat.

Take care


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